2015 Carlos Serra (Lusovision)

Camera capture, NLE editing, technical stills shoots, Chroma-Key, Time Lapse & Slow motion, Macro video & photography, Aerial shoots and wireless audio capture. Multicam Broadcast production under previous budget.

Carlos Serra (Lusovision) is a image producer brand with experience in social and technical Videography as also Photography. He is producing videographic contents given the long years of career in television where it gather experience in EFP and ENG modules and on photo-report, fashion, social and technical photography.

He handle crane cameras, portable and pedestal cameras in several years of experience on television (Rtp,Tvi, SportTv, MTV) channels and in abroad TV channels like the Qatar TV and TVE Spain. He is producing musical, social and corporate videos by his own authory.

Before his career on television, he developed fashion photography, technical and industrial photography, social reports, international conferences as well as the execution of hotel prospectuses.

He is focused on photography and videography by common sense because both gauges relate the life in frames. He adapts to the stress environments without losing the aesthetic sense in the final product. He is a CS6/CC NLE creative editor and a very demanding in post-production. read me

HD/Photo Equipment:

1x DSLR - APS sensor + Photography Flash system and Led light

1xDSLR - Micro Four thirds system FHD

1x HDR-MV1 Micro camera FHD with High Quality PCM sound.

1x Gopro 3+ Black Edition FHD and 4k /15fps

POLECAM with A Head for large cameras up to 3,6 Kg + HDMI to SDI converter

1x Drone DJI Phantom 2 with a stabilizer for micro camera.

BROADCAST camera system Betacam with all peripheral equipment.

CINEMA 4 K by CION 4K / UHD / 2K / HD Cinema Camera (Under previous budget.)

ENG tripods + Led lights + Every type micros with Wireless System by Sennheiser.